17th International exhibition for laboratory equipment and chemical reagents
23 - 26 April 2019
• Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, hall 4

Analitika Expo — First Presentations of Laboratory Equipment and Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis

Press release
The 15th Anniversary International Exhibition for Laboratory Equipment and Chemical Reagents — Analitika Expo — will take place at EEC Sokolniki on 11-13 October 2017. The organizer of the event is ITE Group of Companies that holds a leading position on the exhibition services market in Russia.

Analitika Expo, Russia’s main exhibition in the field of analytical chemistry, has been the most important industry event for fifteen years. It contributes to the innovative development of Russia’s chemical and petrochemical complex, medical diagnostics, and solving environmental problems. The exhibition becomes even more important since the year of 2017 has been declared the year of ecology in Russia. The exhibitors will present a wide range of methods and devices for environmental monitoring.

The number of participants and the exhibition area increased in 2017. As many as 225 companies from 20 countries will present equipment, furniture, chemical reagents and consumables for a complete set up of scientific and industrial laboratories. This year, there are 46 new companies among the participants, which have decided to use this exhibition as an effective tool to promote their products and attract new customers in the Russian market. The total exposition area exceeds 8,000 sq.m.

World leaders from Germany, Japan, Korea, and the USA, as well as leading Russian manufacturers, will present their innovative developments at Analitika Expo.

This year, Sartorius will offer experts effective solutions in preparing samples for HPLC, the latest developments from the portfolio of weight measuring technology, water treatment, microbiology, and laboratory filtration.

Farmcontract GC will present a Production City, a single site for producers of the most popular and demanded analytical equipment for pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, and other productions, allowing creation of a GLP-certified laboratory complex.

Polyservice, a research and production company, will conduct a “test drive” of a Russian-built high-precision SNEL-105 refractometer at its stand.

Sympatec’s stand will present the company’s developments for devices used for laser diffraction, dynamic image analysis, ultrasonic wave damping, and cross-correlation spectroscopy of photons.

LECO will present a new generation of time-of-flight chromatography-mass spectrometers that meet the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive.

For the first time, Analitika Expo 2017 will present a new Russian development in the field of laboratory research software — the laboratory information system EAE.LIMS built by EAE-Consult LLC, a Russian manufacturer of software products. The laboratory system has already been successfully functioning at Russian oil and gas enterprises and a number of other large Russian companies.

Sponsors of the exhibition:

Farmcontract GC — Golden sponsor

Dia-M — Official sponsor

REATORG — Navigation sponsor of the exhibition

Business Programme

Analitika Expo provides specialists with ample opportunities for professional growth. Organisers of the business programme events — NP ROSHIMREAKTIV, Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Analytical Chemistry, AAC Analytica, National Association of Laboratory, Personalized, and Translational Medicine, and Farmcontract GC — aim to create conditions for efficient professional communication and to the maximum extent cover the topics exercising the minds of experts in laboratory diagnostics and chemical analysis of enterprises of various industries, science, and medical institutions.

The following seminars will be held on the 11th of April:

  • Analytical Review and Modern Drug and Food Quality Control Methods
  • Natural and Man-Induced Impurities in Oil and Their Impact on Oil Refining
  • 12 April:
  • Analytical Methods in Pharmacy. Zeta Potential. Practical Importance and Test Methods
  • Analytical Water Quality Control. Current State of Legal Environment
  • Translational Medicine – Innovative Analytical and Laboratory Healthcare Technologies
  • Analysis of Metals and Alloys
  • Determination of Xenobiotics in Biological Objects

The winners of the ROSTEST-Moscow competition for the Quality Mark “For Ensuring High Precision Measurements in Analytical Chemistry” will be awarded on the 13th of April.

The exhibition’s business programme will also include daily seminars and presentations by exhibitors. The detailed event programme is available on the exhibition’s website.

Experts may get a free e-ticket at www.analitikaexpo.com.

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